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Wheelchair Motorcycle Fabricator Wanted – Mobility Conquest Trikes

Fabricators Wanted!

Combining the highest-quality materials, a powerful engine and an innovative design, the Conquest is made especially for those who can no longer ride a standard motorcycle, but who are not ready to give up the exhilaration of riding a motorbike.

These motorcycles are currently unavailable and Mobility Conquest are seeking interested fabricators to build Conquest Disability Motorcycles.

If you would like to share your skills and passion, contact Mobility Conquest Today!

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2 thoughts on “Wheelchair Motorcycle Fabricator Wanted – Mobility Conquest Trikes

  1. In Dec.2015 I was blessed with money to buy a Motorcycle and being Disabled my legs R to Weak to Ride Safely. I Planned to Buy a Big Highway Cruiser and Convert into a Trike. Like a gift from above, my brother finds this Bike in New Braunfels, a 05 Honda VTX1300.
    This bike was perfect, exactly what I wanted. My Brother rode it back to S.A. for me. He said Cruising to Sturgis or anywhere in America could ride easy in comfort.

    With Patience from God, for 3yrs I waited, 2yrs for Payments and 1yr to Save $2500.00 to buy the only bolt-on Trike kit available in 2015.
    Today kits R made by several Companies some kits 3/4 built you weld, drill and mount.

    Here’s the Part for all of the Disabled riders on a Budget like me that need a little help, well Good News – Help is Coming.
    I watched the Videos from all of these Companies showing their complete fab. The process, list of all the materials and hardware and found everything on the internet for 1/3 of cost.

    Being a Welder for 40yrs, I’m now building my own Trike. Look for my Pics and Videos over the next 6 weeks.
    Been Waiting for so long and this “July” I’ll Ride my Bike Solo for the 1st Time.

    After my ride, you will see how I Design and Fabricate my Kit.
    I’ll build for anyone in need at 1/2 The Price of other kits on the Internet.

    If you have a disability or maybe your legs are a little Weak.
    With a bolt on Trike kit forget about ever holding up your Bike again as getting on and off is a breeze.
    In Slow Traffic Sit Relaxed Safe and Secure. RU Tired of watching being sidelined over a disability? Wait no Longer.
    Get a bike – Any make or size, call Me. I’m the Redneck Engineer Down in San Antonio. My son is a FedX Driver (Shipping Discount)..lets Get you Rolling again !!

    1. Hi Scott, thank you for your comment. I am so pleased you found the perfect bike and a solution to get you riding again.

      As you are an experienced welder, perhaps you could contact Mobility Conquest, as they are looking for fabricators.
      The link is in the article above.

      I am so looking forward to seeing your kit. It sounds like an outrigger.
      Outriggers are perfect as you can remove them and return the bike to solo without modification.

      Pleeese share your photos and pictures with Ability Motorcycles, we would all love to see your build.

      I will create you a sales page with the details of what your kit offers.

      Also provide contact details or a website where people can place an order with you.

      I eagerly await your reply and to check out your kit.

      Have an awesome day. Dave

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