Q’Straint Heavy Duty Wheelchair Restraint Belt Kit

The Q’STRAINT Heavy Duty Wheelchair Restraint Belt Kit is perfect for your sidecar/trike accessibility project

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Q straint Wheelchair Straps/clamps Restraints Webbing Quattro Pair

The QRT Standard is an economical, semi-automatic retractor system with a single tensioning knob to help meet minimum specifications and cost-conscious budgets without sacrificing safety.
  • SINGLE TENSIONING KNOB: Safely secures wheelchair and occupant in under 10 seconds
  • POSITIVE LOCK INDICATOR: Patented feature clearly indicates when fitting is locked in anchorage (L-track application only)
  • INTERCHANGEABLE: Eliminates confusion; no right, left, front or rear locations
  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN: Accommodates virtually all wheelchair designs, including scooters
  • ULTRA-DURABLE: Constructed from hardened steel and coated in zinc for maximum corrosion resistance
  • LOW PROFILE & COMPACT: No mounting bracket allows retractors to fit under most footrests
  • FOOT RELEASE LEVER: Easy release eliminates the need to bend down


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