Nihola Flex – Disability Dutch Cargo Bike

Not a motorcycle, however I had to share this innovative idea with Ability Motorcycle Visitors.

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The Nihola Flex Cargo Tricycle enables the carer to safely carry a wheelchair.

I believe this would only be suitable for lightweight manual wheelchairs, rather than electric wheelchairs.

Technical specifications

  • The wheelchair ramp is built into the frame and works with two gas dampers
  • The wheelchair is easily fixed with ‘quick adapters’ that are also used in trains, buses and cars.
  • Total length: 215 cm
  • Total width: 99 cm
  • Height of transport platform: 18 cm
  • Max wheelchair width: 68 cm
  • Max. load: 120 kg + rider
  • The joint weight for the cyclist, wheel chair user and wheel chair is max 220 kg.


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