Motorcycle Handicap Sidecar – Universal Fits All Models

This is a great way to carry a wheelchair, groceries and More! Get yours now while stocks last.

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I have found you what looks like a simple affordable solution to attach a wheelchair accessible sidecar to your ride.

It does appear from the photos that you will have to fit wheelchair restraints to the floor.

If I were purchasing this sidecar, I would ask the seller the following:

  • is a wheel guard supplied?
  • what is the size and type of frame?
  • and what type of shock absorber does it use? Independent Suspension (torsion) or axle?
  • you allow me to choose chrome or gun metal rim, can I also choose the style?

It looks like a great sidecar, however the advert does not provide much information, so be sure to call the number before purchase.

Sellers Note: Some custom fabrication may be needed to fit to your bike.
Installer should be mechanically inclined.


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