Klicktronic Handlebar Gear Shifter – Push Button Operation

Push Button Gear Change System for Disabled Motorcycle Riders, Paraplegics and Amputees

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I Have Ridden with a Klicktronic – Easy to Use

I have ridden a Wheelchair Accessible Sidecar with my daughter. It was a Yamaha XS750 with a Klicktronic Shifter and as a person without a disability, it was difficult to stop my left foot from doing what comes natural. After I got the hang of it, I was surprised how easy it was to use. Green Button – Change Up, Red Button – Change Down.

The Kliktronic gear change system (electric shifter or quick shifter) is best described as an ‘electronic foot’. It’s operated by two discreet buttons – usually mounted on the left handlebar which sit conveniently beneath the thumb.

As an electric shifter, it is powered by the bike’s electrical system. So unlike air shifters, once fitted there is virtually no maintenance and no bulky gas bottles to fill.
It is dual acting for both up and down shifts, and as the name quick shifter suggests, is very fast and consistent – typically 35 – 50 milliseconds on Japanese gearboxes.
Designed to accommodate riders with a disability preventing changing gear with the foot, the Kliktronic push button gear change is the ideal solution for everyone. It’s suitable for virtually any kind of riding, whether you are looking for a fast change for racing or track days, or comfort and convenience when cruising.


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