Introducing the Omeo – All Terrain Wheelchair

An intuitive hands free control system, for freedom of movement and maximum independence!

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The OGO Omeo levels the playing field in a social setting.

The Dynamic Seat Control system (DSC), not only moves with your body – making it intuitive to use, but allows you to do so…completely hands free!

Add a lot of Kiwi ingenuity, and we have created something new, exciting and very cool.

When you are on the Omeo you are using your core or upper body to move, turn and stay in balance – which assists fitness. The user is able to move by simply leaning in the direction they want to travel.

Riding an Omeo is a very new experience, there is nothing quite like it.

As a certain amount of ability and control is needed to operate it safely, we strongly advise that you try an Omeo before ordering one.

We have a dedicated team of OGO Omeo Agents that are able to set you up with a trial and take you through the reservation process. Once your new Omeo arrives, your Agent will also help with setup and provide you with essential training so you can become a confident and competent user – at no extra cost.

  • Dual electrical systems to avoid mishaps and provide alerts (e.g. empty battery levels)
  • Individual self-leveling Stabilising Legs – controlled electronically and provide a stable platform for transferring (even on a slope and rough terrain
  • Able to turn on its own axis which means you can manoeuvre in small areas such as public transport and in stores*
  • No bulky, dangerous steering column, making transferring on and off easy
  • Built-in front and rear LED light and reflectors
  • Hi-density polyethylene body – making it easy to clean, impact resistant and durable
  • A seat which “outperforms other seats on a number of levels”
  • Storage compartment
  • Customisable seat and footplate heights
  • The ability to have Joystick and other controls positioned on the left or right side of the body
  • Foldaway Footplate with a choice of height adjustments
  • Adjustable seat positioning
  • USB charging port for phones
  • Multi-functional holder for accessories (e.g. holders for cups, fishing rods, umbrellas, trays smartphones and tablets)
  • Four tie-down points for transportation
  • Available in 5 colours; green, orange, purple, blue and black
  • Weather resistant but not submersible



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