Hoverboard – Light Weight Intelligent Self Balancing Electric Wheelchair

Packed with Innovative technology and wrapped in a beautiful design.

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The Airwheel A6S and its big brother A6P have finally landed in Australia.

A6S being the compact petit model designed to comfortably manoeuvre around in the office, crowded shopping centres and streets. Use the Joystick to accurately and smoothly rotate 360 degree on the spot.

All Airwheel self-balancing products comes with our complementary 1 hour training. This training is held at our Sydney facility or over the phone when you first receive the product if you cannot attend.

Intelligent LED lights will make sure the surrounding knows when you are slowing down or stopping. The joystick can be placed in the right or left side according to the user’s preference. The embedded headlight will illuminate the dark environment to ensure a safe ride.

  • Alloy kickstands: The high-quality front and rear kickstands make parking and transferstable and safe.
  • Comfortable & breathable material: A6S seat with double honeycomb mesh breathable material designed to be comfortable and durable.
  • The branded wheels with increased traction pattern have excellent grip and nonslip performance allowing A6S to conquer various road conditions.
  • Convenient to fold: Easy to fold and convenient to store. With the folding size of 0.8 m³, it occupies little space.

Every aspect of the A6S is designed to last. This includesbackup balancing computer in case of any system failure.

© 2018 Gilani Engineering official Australian distributer of Airwheel Technology Holding Limited ( USA ) Co., Ltd

Watch Airwheel in action at Gilani Engineering.

  • Battery (Wh): 520 (Ah): 8.8
  • Tire Size (inch): 14”
  • Volume/set (m3): 0.284
  • Weight: 43 kg
  • Length: 60 cm
  • Width: 77 cm
  • Height: 94.5 cm
  • Folding length: 60 cm
  • Folding width: 77 cm
  • Folding height: 61 cm
  • Saddle length: 40 cm
  • Saddle width: 40 cm
  • Cushion to ground: 57 cm
  • Pedal to ground: 12.5 cm
  • Backrest height: 22 cm
  • Max Load: 90 kg
  • Suitable User Height: 1.5m~2.1m
  • Max Speed: 9km/h
  • Applicable Temperature: -10°C~40°C
  • Charge Voltage: AC100-240V 50-60Hz


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