EZ Lock Sidecar Trike Wheelchair Lock Down – Floor Restraint System

Ability Motorcycles is all about Independence, so naturally any product that minimises or removes the need for assistance is certainly on top of the list.

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Standard wheelchair manual tie down straps require a carer or support worker to secure them for the occupant.

The Q’Straint QLK 150 Electronic Docking System is perfect for self use as it provides a single locking point on the sidecar/trike floor.

Installing this Docking System on a Driven from the Chair Sidecar or Wheelchair Accessible Trike, the assistant is no longer required.

This provides independence and freedom for the disabled motorcyclist.

New Q’Straint QLK-150 Handicap Wheelchair Lockdown Docking System

  • Extensive Crash Testing.
  • Slim, Flexible Dash Control.
  • SMART Processor newly designed micro-processor controller.
  • Plug & Play Service Quick connectors and a removable cover.
  • Q’Straint Safety & Quality:
  • Extensive Crash Testing, tested to higher WC/19 wheelchair loads; and also the only system tested from all sides
  • Slim flexible dash control with embedded LED indicators showing system status
  • SMART (ECM) Processor newly designed micro-processor controller
  • Plug & Play installation and serviceability – solenoid and limit switch feature quick connectors and a removable cover
  • Screw Terminal Connectors–Connectors are easily removed for faster wire routing, and eliminates additional crimping and soldering
  • A tapered channel helps smoothly guide the wheelchair into place making independent wheelchair secourement
  • Sleep Function–When user exits docking base, system draws 5 times less power from the battery
  • Eco-Friendly Steel Coating–High-grade steel features more eco-friendly coating to prevent corrosion and reduce the impact on the environment


  • Fully ADA Compliant
  • SAE J2249
  • CSA Z604
  • AS2942
  • ISO 10542-1
  • Meets the requirements of WC18 & is compatible with WC19 wheelchairs
  • Crash tested in forward, rearward and sideways facing directions


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