Extreme Off-road Tracked Wheelchair – USA

Unstoppable Muscle Power of a 4 stroke engine and Tank Wheels.

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Now we’re talking. Unstoppable Muscle Power of a 4 stroke engine and Tank Wheels.

This Ripchair tracked wheelchair would be a dream for the disabled, the only trouble is that everyone else will want a turn.

The Ripchair 3.0 represents the pinnacle extreme off-road tracked chairs.

Developed with construction grade components and using state of the art tracked vehicle design, Ripchair 3.0 combines power, durability, and maneuverability into a sturdy and easy to control platform.

Remain in Your Own Wheelchair

One simply has to back in, lock in, and move out.

Features include:

  • Right or left handed electronic controls
  • Lighting packages
  • Add-ons for your recreational pleasure such as fishing pole holders and rifle rests


  • Accepts Most Power Chairs and Self Powered Wheel Chairs
  • Lightweight Design: Aerospace Grade Aluminum
  • 26 Horsepower 4 Stroke engine
  • Speed 8-10 mph
  • Hydro-static Drive with Electric Controls
  • Dimensions: 72in L x 60in W x 72in H
  • Emergency Safety Override and Alarm/Alert Tone
  • Choice of color
  • Ground Clearance: 10′”
  • 60 Percent Climb Rate
  • Weight: 1,350lbs
  • Four-way Swept Dogleg Suspension
  • Construction Grade Hydraulics and Tracks
  • 1,000 lbs Draw Bar Pull
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Reflective Ripchair 3.0 Front Bumper Logo
  • ​Construction Grade Road Wheels and Suspension
  • Construction Grade Hydro-static Transmission

The Ripchair off-road tracked chair has become an icon for all those that want to experience true freedom once again.


  • Cargo Trays
  • Control options Joystick or Lever Control (Similar to a Zero Turn Lawn Mower)
  • Class 2 Receiver
  • 1-72 Watt LED front light bar
  • 1-27 Watt flood light rear
  • Easy Ramp Entry System
  • Rear Bumper
  • Bull Bar Front Swing Bumper
  • Brush Guard Over Head Cage
  • Easy Access Engine Cover
  • Quick Release Fire Extinguisher
  • Lock Down Chair Restraints


  • 4 D-Rings- Tow Point Front and Rear
  • 4000 lb Winch
  • Auxiliary Outlet​
  • Diamond Plate Package
  • 31 HP Engine
  • Sun Canopy
  • Heated Handle Bars
  • Rigid Industries LED Lighting
  • Rifle Rest
  • Fishing Pole Holder
  • Rear Hitch Cargo Rack
  • Custom Wrap


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