Aluminium Folding Wheelchair Ramp

I love the versatility of this ramp. It is an economical solution for wheelchairs and scooters alike to transgress steps, load into motorcycle sidecars, vans, enter shops and other various rises and falls in daily life.



My daughter’s powered wheelchair weighs 120 kg (265 pound) and she weighs 55 kg (120 pound), giving a total of 175 kg (385 pound). This 1.5m (4.92 feet) Long Aluminum Folding Wheelchair Ramp can carry weights of up to 270kg (595 pound) whilst folding in half for easy storage. Wow, it is strong enough for me to walk up with her.

Designed with safety in mind, the wheelchair ramp comes complete with 75mm side rails to prevent wheelchairs and walkers from veering off the side as well as pre-drilled holes and locking pins to secure the ramp in place when in use. You can rest assured knowing that you’re safe while using the ramp.

The inside width of the ramp measures 680mm, perfect for most gopher scooters, walkers and wheelchairs alike.


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