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Off Road Access – All Terrain Accessibility

TracFab All Terrain Track Wheelchair

Overcoming Limitations & Obstacles

Helping people with disabilities ride a motorcycle, is the focus of Ability Motorcycles. However this page includes a bit of fun, as it includes multiple vehicles and devices that enable people with limitations, that would normally miss out, to access the bush, forests, beaches and waterways.



Wheelchair Bushwalking



All-Terrain may include Hovercraft – Track Vehicles – Beach Wheelchairs – Wheelchair Boats and much more


Overcoming Limitations – Tapping into Creativity

Only wheelchair occupants, their carers and gopher rider’s understand just how limiting restricted access can feel. Generally the public don’t think about it, unless they know somebody in the situation.


  • ATM screens (Automatic Teller Machines at Banks), are too high to read

  • Many shops only have access via stairs

  • Going to the beach or bush-walking with friends is normally out of the question

Thankfully our world is becoming more aware of these limitations, and there are many clever people finding solutions to these problems.


Rather than change the world, in many cases it may be easier to change the wheelchair or motorcycle.


Let us explore some incredible options that enable the entire family to access natures splendor and beauty

Family Wheelchair Access

This page has a focus on improving accessibility to outdoor locations and changing the lives of those with physical limitations. You are about to go on an extreme journey so get ready and “Buckle Your Seatbelt”…..


All Terrain Wheelchair Access Vehicles

Perhaps the most rugged Off-road motorcycle would be a Ural Sidecar Combination. Would not suit a number of disabilities, however it is a great place to begin our All-terrain journey.

When You Just Have to Ride a Dirt Bike

Read the story how Graeme’s mate Troy Sara helped Graeme modify a dirt bike that has allowed him to continue riding motorcycles.

Motorcycle Super Hero – Becomes Spartan Super Athlete

Rocket Mobility’s Tomahawk All-Terrain Tracked Wheelchair

Rocket Mobility all-terrain tracked wheelchairs help the mobility impaired enjoy the outdoors. This off-road wheelchair has a lower centre of gravity that can handle almost any terrain.

Rocket Mobility®’s Tomahawk All-Terrain Tracked Wheelchair


Quad Quip Solutions – Victoria Australia

Amazing engineers, I love this Wheelchair Accessible Aeroplane modification.

Wheelchair Plane

Quad Quip Solutions manufacture Legup Plus Landing Gear for motorcycles. Legup Plus can be added to a motorbike similar to training wheels on a child’s pushbike. Unlike the training wheels, Legup Plus raises and lowers automatically when stopping and taking off.

Legup Plus Motorcycle Handicapped Wheels

Quad Quip Solutions – Quadriplegic Equipment Solutions

TracFab Gas (Petrol) All – Terrain Track Wheelchair

The TracFab All – Terrain Tracked Wheelchair can easily traverse through mud, sand, snow, dirt and grass.

Advantage is that it does not require charging as electric wheelchairs and has a longer range than electric wheelchairs that go flat.

TracFab Gas Beach Wheelchair

Powered by a 4 stroke 17 HP Briggs and Stratton with electric start and remote choke. Lithium Battery Upgrade Package option available. Range of travel per tank of gas will depend on the rider/gear weight, the rpm that the throttle is set at, outside temp, etc. It will easily run most of all day on one tank of gasoline 5 gallons (19 liters).

TracFab are located in the USA and stock every single part you would ever need.

TracFab Gas (Petrol) All – Terrain Track Wheelchair

Ripchair 3.0 – Extreme Off-road Tracked Wheelchair

Now we’re talking. Unstoppable Muscle Power of a 4 stroke engine and Tank Wheels. This Ripchair 3.0 Tracked Wheelchair would be a dream for the disabled, the only trouble is that everyone else will want a turn.

Ripchair Tracked Wheelchair All Terrain Beach

Extreme Off-road Tracked Wheelchair – USA

Overlander All Terrain Wheelchair Bike by TerrainHopper

The Overlander is available in three sizes and is an electrically powered on/off road mobility device, suitable for all ages according to the model chosen.

Beach All Terrain Wheelchair

The Overlander can be used by people with all types of conditions such as, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, MND, MS, Paraplegia, Amputees, Arthritis, Spinal Injuries and by those who may have lost their capability to hike and explore the outdoors but have not lost their passion for it!

Overlander – All Terrain Wheelchair Bike

HexHog All Terrain Wheelchair

Five years of testing and development in the harshest of mountain terrains and extreme environments has given rise to this unique off-road wheelchair.

Hexhog all terrain wheelchair

The HexHog has been designed to bring together the functional attributes of a powered wheelchair and ATV in one aesthetic package. Wheelchair users or those with limited dexterity can safely access the countryside and back country wilderness with total independence.

HexHog All Terrain Wheelchair

Action Trackchair

The Action Trackstander is the only all-terrain wheelchair on the market with the ability to bring the user into the standing position, and can be driven while standing or sitting!

Action Trackchair Disability Wheelchair

Action Trackchair Disability Wheelchair


Action Trackchair – Disability Wheelchair

Off-Road Wheelchair Access – Our Project

I will begin discussing Beach Wheelchairs by sharing a project that began as a need, and thanks to a creative idea, we were able to provide a solution. We made a Beach Wheelchair by converting a standard manual folding wheelchair.

Purchasing the Beach Wheels was the Most Important Part of the Project. We purchased Wheeleez Balloon Wheels and axles from Beachwheels Australia:

Beach Wheels – Accessibility in the Most Rugged Terrain

These Beach Wheel Kits are so easy to use and adapt. Some people build little trailers to carry a cooler (esky) to the beach. Even if you loaded all the alcohol on the way down and all the fish you caught on the way back, you would find these wheels gracefully glide across even the boggiest sand dunes.

Our Beach Wheelchair Project began with the removal of the rims and tyres from a standard folding manual wheelchair. We also dismantled an elderly walking frame and a fold-up chair. The fold-up chair created a perfect hand rail and the walking frame created extra back support.

To create a footrest we used marine ply and mounted it using some heavy duty shelf brackets.


These wheels glide over the most boggy sand with ease and even climb sand dunes. The only disadvantage using these wheels is that they float. In rough surf, the chair is rolling side to side and being tossed by the waves. This makes transfer from the chair very difficult. We might try adding some weights to keep it on the bottom while we transfer our daughter into the water.


To turn the chair, we lift the hand grips to raise the back wheels. Works extremely well. Might need to order another set of wheels for the cooler (esky).

Below you will find links to assist in Off-Road/All Terrain wheelchair access. Please feel free to comment and share any ideas or products that can assist in getting people “Out and About”.


Beach Wheelchair Examples

If you are not confident to make your own Beach Wheelchair as I did, here are a few example products available to get you over the sand and into the ocean.


Beach All Terrain Wheelchair – 12″ Balloon Tires for Soft Sand

Sometimes all you need is a lightweight simple design to allow access to the waters edge. Soft sand and dunes are not an issue with Balloon Wheels.

Beach All Terrain Wheelchair – 12″ Balloon Tires for Soft Sand

True Indoor Outdoor Powerchair – Electric Beach Wheelchair – Custom Made

Brand new, made to measure custom built power-chair capable of off-road and beach activities whilst remaining compact enough around the home and in the car.

True Indoor Outdoor Powerchair – Electric Beach Wheelchair – Custom Made

Magic Mobility – Victoria Australia

All Terrain electric Off-Road wheelchairs sold by Magic Mobility can provide the access you have been searching for. “Let’s Hit the Beach”

Magic Mobility All Terrain Beach Wheelchair

When I watched this video I was absolutely amazed. It can do everything my daughter’s wheelchair can, with the bonus of going bush. It has leg raise, elevation, recline and many options that the standard on-road wheelchairs have. Take a look…..

Magic Mobility – All Terrain Electric Off-Road Wheelchair

Surfing with a Disability & Beach access

Who would have thought that surfing for people with a disability was possible. Thanks to very fit and dedicated volunteers, this dream has become a reality for some very lucky intellectual and physically handicapped people. Take a look at the video below and be encouraged that anything is possible.

Visit Website: Click Here

Visit Disabled Surfers Australia: Click Here

Beach Electric Wheelchairs – Out and About Healthcare

Here is a range of 4×4 All-terrain Electric Wheelchairs to allow access and freedom. Beach and Bush Electric Wheelchairs.

Out and About Off Road Beach Bush Wheelchair

Out and About Off Road Beach Bush Wheelchair

Out and About Off Road Beach Bush Wheelchair

Out and About Off Road Beach Bush Wheelchair

Out and About Off Road Beach Bush Wheelchair

Out and About Off Road Beach Bush Wheelchair

Out and About Off Road Beach Bush Wheelchair

Out and About Off Road Beach Bush Wheelchair

Off Road/Beach Wheelchairs

Off Road Hand-cycle – Australia

How awesome. Hand operated cycles that compete in races. I doubt the riders would want to get back into their wheelchair.

Disability Recumbent and Kneeling Hand Cycles

Disability Recumbent and Kneeling Hand Cycles

Disability Recumbent and Kneeling Hand Cycles

Disability Recumbent and Kneeling Hand Cycles

Disability Recumbent and Kneeling Hand Cycles – List of Suppliers

Trail Rider – Disability Hiking

Why leave your love one at home. If you are fit enough to climb a mountain and have a group of family and friends, then fold a TrailRider and take your loved one with you.

TrailRider was the brainchild of quadriplegic Vancouver Mayor, Sam Sullivan.

TrailRider Disability Hiking

TrailRider Disability HikingTrailRider Disability Hiking

Read the story:

They are beautifully engineered in Vancouver and made and championed by the British Columbia Mobile Opportunities Society.


All-Terrain Wheel Chair

Trailrider – Wheelchair Hiking

Segfree – Seated Wheelchair Segway

Perhaps the future of electric wheelchairs. Imagine the benefits for Para Olympic Basketballers.

Hands free during the entire game.

Segway Wheelchair

Segway Wheelchair


Take a Closer Look at the Segfree…

Segfree – All Terrain Segway Wheelchair


Zoomer All Terrain Segway Wheelchair

Experience the Freedom you’ve always wanted, with its Self-Balancing technology, you can explore the beach, go bush, and manourve in the tightest of places.

The Zoomer has integrated parking legs that stabilize the chair when in park mode, allowing for safe transfers on and off.

Zoomer All Terrain – Segway Wheelchair

Introducing the Ogo Omeo Evolution 1 – All Terrain Wheelchair

An intuitive hands free control system, for freedom of movement and maximum independence!

Ogo Segway Wheelchair

The Omeo levels the playing field in a social setting. The Dynamic Seat Control system (DSC), not only moves with your body – making it intuitive to use, but allows you to do so…completely hands free!

Add a lot of Kiwi ingenuity, and we have created something new, exciting and very cool.

When you are on the Omeo you are using your core or upper body to move, turn and stay in balance – which assists fitness. The user is able to move by simply leaning in the direction they want to travel.

Introducing the Omeo – All Terrain Wheelchair

Read Story: Telegraph

Segway Add-on – Sui Generis Buddy Seat

The Sui Generis Seat is a Segway add-on that transforms the famous self-balancing scooter from standing to seated.

It works by “hacking” the Segway’s platform and making it operate as if the rider were standing on it.

This is done in a way that guarantees a safe and fun ride.

It can be installed on any stripped Segway i2 or x2 platform, using instructions and simple tools provided.

Sui Generis Seat features a seat glider for emergency braking and seat suspension for comfort.

Visit Website: Click Here

Explorer II Hand Pedal Bicycle for Extreme Off-Road Fun

SPORT-ON is a manufacturer of adaptive athletic equipment for people with physical disabilities.

SPORT-ON strive to meet and exceed customer`s highest expectations with unique and exceptional products.

SPORT-ON develop the most extraordinary ideas and transform them into tangible reality.

Visit Website: Click Here

Wheelchair Deep Sea Diving – You Gotta be Joking Right?

Wrong, I am not joking. This is REAL.

Take pride in how far you’ve come. Have faith in how far you can go. But don’t forget to enjoy the journey. Michael Josephson – Speaker and Former Law Professor

Deep Sea Wheelchair

This has to be seen to be believed. Sue Austin has more courage than can even be imagined. All-terrain Wheelchair Access at the extreme. Watch the video and be amazed.

Visit Website: Click Here

Mountain Trike – International

Now here’s a clever design, a manual wheelchair that does not require the operator to get mud on the hands.

Mountain Trike Wheelchair

Mountain Trike – All Terrain Off Road Wheelchairs


That was a truly fantastic journey into the wilderness.

There are so many talented people in the world creating unique solutions that I am honored to have been able to share these with you.

Together we can make this an accessible world.

The Ability Motorcycles website was created to enable the sharing of information and projects to benefit others. If you believe this world should not exclude anyone, and you love motorbikes, then Ability Motorcycles is the place to share that passion.

We love to hear from readers so please leave a comment below and let us know if this post helped you or if you have any questions.

Thank you for visiting Ability Motorcycles. Dave

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  1. Hi Dave, I am amazed by the novelty of your creations. Your passion extends in helping others which is something to be emulated. Seeing such beautiful creations makes me proud of the endeavor because one of our family members is also a special child and requires such needed help. Creators and Innovators like you make everything possible for all, regardless of physical state. Thank you very much for this =)

    1. Thank you JR for your comment and kind words. Yes it is a pleasure to help other people solve problems by coming up with innovative ideas to overcome their obstacles. Everything is possible and that is why I created Ability Motorcyles, a place where we can share our ideas and assist others. Have an awesome day. Dave

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