Motorcycle Super Hero – Becomes Spartan Super Athlete

Graeme Docking Disabled Motorcyclist
Nobody knows what the future will bring, and when disaster happens, there are a few amazing people that continue living life with the same energy and passion. Graeme Docking is one such person who has never lost his passion for motorcycles and living an active lifestyle.


Graeme Docking

Before the Crash

Graeme Docking is a South Australian that has always had a passion to ride quad-bikes and motorcycle side-cars. Graeme became a paraplegic in February 2008 at the age of 18, after losing control of his motorbike.

In this terrible accident, he was thrown over the handlebars, which shattered his vertebrae and crushed his spinal cord, paralyzing him from the chest down.

But that did not slow him down, Graeme spent only 10 weeks in hospital and a rehabilitation center, before returning home. Graeme then had to re-learn every task even eating and getting in and out of bed. However, adjusting to this new life did not slow Graeme down for very long.

He had not lost his passion for riding motorcycles and in only nine weeks he was back on his quad-bike.

The Modification

Graeme DockingGraeme’s mate Troy Sara helped Graeme modify a dirt bike that has allowed him to continue riding motorcycles.

The modification included attaching a metal frame to the motorcycle frame, designed to support Graeme’s legs, the replacement of the gear shift with electric shift on the handlebars and relocating the foot brake to the handlebars.

The seat was replaced by a wider seat with straps to secure Graeme’s hips. To stop the motorbike, he locates a tree or something to lean on, but has the support of his friend, Troy, who rides beside him.

Graeme Docking

Graeme has proven that after an accident, you do not lose your motivation or feeling of excitement while riding a motorcycle.

“The chair stops nothing, only the attitude you take,” Graeme Docking

Motorcycle Rider to Athlete ? The Spartan Race

Graeme proved getting back on a motorcycle was not all he was capable of, when he became the first person in a wheelchair to take part in and complete, the Spartan Sprint Trifecta obstacle race in Sydney Australia.

Graeme completed the course with the help of his ‘Damaged Goods’ team, which included, 55 year old Gary Gillies, who has two fused ankles following a rock-climbing accident, and 20 year old cancer survivor Brad Dicicco.

Spartan Trifecta Obstacle Race

To receive his Spartan Sprint Trifecta medal, Graeme had to conquer the Spartan Sprint, Super and Beast in one calendar year. He had to compete in an obstacle race that includes barbed wire, stairs, nets, wall climbing, water and mud crawls, a sandbag carry, rope climbing, rock dragging and spear throwing.

This military-inspired challenge is designed to push participants physically, mentally and spiritually beyond their comfort zone.

Graeme Docking
Founded in the USA in 2010, the Spartan Races now operate in more
than 14 countries. Visit Spartan Race: Click Here

Spartan Race to 3 Tonne Truck – The Wheelchair Truck Tow

Graeme is able to strap a cable to his chest, attach the cable to a 3 tonne truck and tow it behind his wheelchair for 100 meters without stopping.

Wheelchair Towing Truck

Source: Click Here

Together we can make this an accessible world.

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6 thoughts on “Motorcycle Super Hero – Becomes Spartan Super Athlete

  1. Abdusalam says:

    Hi Dave, love your site and love this post. What a truly amazing and inspirational story.
    I’ve risen bikes for most of my life and still ride a Harley.
    The worst accident I had was in the late ’80s and I was in a coma for 3 days; thankfully I have not had an accident for a great number of years.

    But you never know when it could happen. Stories like this can definitely lift the spirits of anybody that has suffered a serious motorcycle accident.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Ride safe buddy,


    • Dave says:

      Hi Abdusalam, Sounds like you were very lucky indeed. Some people don’t come out of a coma for years. I bet you rode safer after that. I shattered my scapula and clavical (collarbone and shoulder) when I was 15, racing a 195 on my Yamy YZ125 and a long way in front of him. I got speed wobbles in the soft sand, went over the handlebars and my dirt bike came and sat on my shoulder. But once your hooked on motorbikes, I doesn’t go away. Graeme has proven that to be true. Have a great day. Dave

    • Dave says:

      Hi Thomas, I believe there are many people without a disability that would not have the drive and mental determination to even compete in the Spartan. I ran a 25 km half marathon and I was limping the next day. I did notice the damage on his legs in the photo, so after what he went through, he deserves to wear his medal proudly. Have a great day. Dave

  2. Kashia says:

    This is such a great story to hear.

    I have a cousin who suffers from a medical condition and I always fear if he will be able to participate in certain activities when he grows up.

    I’m so happy to hear about something like this. I will definitely pass it on. Thanks for the information.

    • Dave says:

      Hi Kashia, Thank you for reading Graeme’s story. I am glad it has encouraged you to know that your cousin will be able to do whatever he desires, if he wants it enough. I am glad it encouraged you. Have an awesome day. Dave

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