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Sidecar Trike Wheelchair Restraints – Workshop & Suppliers

Wheelchair Restraints

Sidecar and Trike Wheelchair Restraints Regardless of which country or state we live in, and regardless of laws and regulations, restraints are safer and should be fitted to all wheelchair accessible sidecars. In the following crash test video, you will see that the safest method of restraining a wheelchair and it’s occupant, is four attachment […]

Exoskeleton Robots – No Wheelchair Necessary


Who Needs a Wheelchair Anyway? There is no such thing as disability thanks to technology and robotics. Did you know that Exoskeletons can now replace wheelchairs and robotics can replace limbs. Technology has come a long way indeed. When I discovered Exoskeletons, I was so amazed I just wanted to let the whole world know. […]


Wheelchair Motorbike Group Ride

Ability Motorcycles website was created to enable the sharing of information and projects to benefit others. The focus of the website is to provide information related to motorcycles to improve access for people with disabilities. MISSION To assist people with physical or intellectual limitations achieve the goal and enjoyment of riding a motorcycle, either as […]

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