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Sidecar Trike Wheelchair Restraints – Workshop & Suppliers

Wheelchair Restraints

Sidecar and Trike Wheelchair Restraints Regardless of which country or state we live in, and regardless of laws and regulations, restraints are safer and should be fitted to all wheelchair accessible sidecars. In the following crash test video, you will see that the safest method of restraining a wheelchair and it’s occupant, is four attachment […]

Motorcycle Super Hero – Becomes Spartan Super Athlete

Graeme Docking Disabled Motorcyclist

Nobody knows what the future will bring, and when disaster happens, there are a few amazing people that continue living life with the same energy and passion. Graeme Docking is one such person who has never lost his passion for motorcycles and living an active lifestyle.   Before the Crash Graeme Docking is a South […]

Motorcycles Gone Wild – Amazing Modifications and Projects

Three Wheel Motorcycle

The average person would be aware of three types of motorcycle, Two Wheels, Sidecar Combinations and Trikes. In most cases the majority of motorbikes usually fit into one of these three categories. However, motorcycles have come a long way and now there are certainly more categories that need to be added Motorcycles have Gone Wild. […]

Exoskeleton Robots – No Wheelchair Necessary


Who Needs a Wheelchair Anyway? There is no such thing as disability thanks to technology and robotics. Did you know that Exoskeletons can now replace wheelchairs and robotics can replace limbs. Technology has come a long way indeed. When I discovered Exoskeletons, I was so amazed I just wanted to let the whole world know. […]

Wheelchair Accessible Projects – Sidecars – Trikes and More

Disability Motorcycle

Share Your Project – Disability Motorcycles Believe it or not, there are quite a lot of Disability Motorcycles in the world. I created this web page to discover how people with disabilities have modified motorcycles to allow access and a place to share your amazing project. I am so thankful for the people who share […]

Off Road Access – All Terrain Accessibility

TracFab All Terrain Track Wheelchair

Overcoming Limitations & Obstacles Helping people with disabilities ride a motorcycle, is the focus of Ability Motorcycles. However this page includes a bit of fun, as it includes multiple vehicles and devices that enable people with limitations, that would normally miss out, to access the bush, forests, beaches and waterways.   Mountains Beaches All-Terrain may […]

Shanniah’s Story – From Hiring to Building a Wheelchair Accessible Sidecar

Dreamfit Sidecar

Search for an Engineer willing to build a Wheelchair Accessible Sidecar – Led to Hire We were searching far and wide to locate an engineer willing to manufacture a wheelchair accessible sidecar for our daughter to be included in our family rides. We contacted DreamfitFoundation in Perth to see if they could help fund or […]

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